National Youth Council

Advocating for youth opportunities

Advocating for youth opportunities to associate, be represented and participate in political, social, economic and other spheres of life. NYC Council Opportunities Open Register to vie and or elect 16 youth to sit in the NYC Council.


Who we are

The National Youth Council (NYC) is a state Corporation under the Ministry of ICT Innovation and Youth Affairs Constituted under the National Youth Council Act No.10 of 2009.

The National Youth Council (NYC)


The NYC Council comprises of 22 members:

  • 16 Elected Youth;
  • Representatives of Principal Secretaries from Ministries responsible for Youth, Education, Internal Security, and Treasury and Finance;
  • Representative of the Attorney General


Members of the Council will be elected through a 4 tier elective process.

  • 1st Tier (Nomination of candidates)
  • 2nd Tier (Election of 6 ward Delegates from each ward)
  • 3rd Tier (Election of 2 Constituency Delegates by ward delegates from their respective constituencies)
  • 4th Tier (Election of council members from the National Youth Congress comprising of the 570 Constituency delegates)


Registration process is aimed at registering the youth as members of NYC to allow them to participate in selection of the NYC Council members as well as other NYC activities. The registration process is open to all youth (between the age of 18 and 35) in possession of an ID or Passport.

Register to vie or elect the 16 youth who will to sit in the National Youth Council